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spn_secretpost's Journal

The Supernatural Secret Postcard Community
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As we know the Winchesters are a family full of secrets and many things unspoken. An anonymous postcard seems a perfect forum for them to unburden themselves.

People seemed to like the idea so I am opening this community as a mailbox for Supernatural secret postcards. Down the track we might have some challenges but for now just post your postcards (behind a cut) or links here.

There are few rules:
* The postcards should be from a character in Supernatural to another character in Supernatural.
* Neither the sender or receiver should be explicitly stated i.e. don't add Dear Sam......Love Dean.
* The background image doesn't need to be an actual postcard, it can be any image but should be postcard size and shape.
* The post card should feature a secret that the character has not shared - obviously you are only limited by your imagination! The form lends itself to angsty secrets but don't forget the crack!
* There are no limits on the length of text included but obviously the point is not to write a fic!
* Please ignore any of these rules if you have a good idea.

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